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Vignette® Roman Shades


A contemporary fabric shade available in both stacking and rolling styles with flat or full folds. A versatile yet elegant product that combines energy efficiency with a decorative element.


  • Luxury fabric collection
  • Full or flat folds
  • Stacking or rolling styles
  • Cordless and automated Top-down/Bottom-up available with stacking style
  • Duolite® available in a rolling style
  • Fabric opacities, sheer to room-darkening
  • Insulating folds for energy efficiency
  • Hidden back strings for a clean look from the exterior

When to Use Them

  • In rooms where energy efficiency is desired with a stylish application
  • When sheer and room-darkening are both needed
  • Where the function of a roller shade is needed but is too plain
  • On prominent windows where the look from the outside is important
Vignette® RomanShade
Vignette® RomanShade
Vignette® Roman Shade
Vignette® Roman Shade

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

A coastal favorite handcrafted with reeds, grasses, hemps, and bamboo, these roman shades are a perfect solution for adding texture to any space. Whether left stacked at the top or closed for privacy and light control, woven wood shades are a beautiful addition to your window.

● Attached and independent liners
● Top-Down/Bottom-Up with cordloop and PowerView® automation
● Variety of textures and colors, sheer to opaque
● Three header options

When to Use Them

  • In bedrooms with room darkening liner
  • In living spaces with light-filtering or no liner depending on privacy preference
  • When the pattern is too much, but the texture is desired
  • In bathrooms or other areas where privacy can be customized with
  • In essentially any design style – from traditional to contemporary!
Provenance® Woven Wood
Provenance® Woven Wood
Provenance® Woven Wood
Provenance® Woven Wood